202204 Article VII publication (Cover)
Article VII of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) foresees in the provision of assistance by States Parties to another State Party in case the latter has been exposed to a danger as a consequence of a violation of the Convention. However, the one-sentence provision does not provide any guidance on how a State Party should submit an assistance request, what type of evidence should accompany its request, or how other States Parties should respond to such a request.
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Interview on biological research in Ukraine: "Having a good health infrastructure and response capacities diminishes the military value of biological weapons, which in turn reduces the incentives for states to develop and acquire them."
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HN002 Catapulting Corpses (Cover)
Historical Notes #2: Catapulting Cadavers: A Medieval Practice of Biological Warfare?
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The BTWC Confronting False Allegations And Disinformation
Heard It on the X: The active US biological weapons programme in Ukraine
On the medieval siege of Caffa and Black Death
Verification and Transparency: Learning from Project Coast

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