Areas of Expertise

Queries about consultancies, and participation in collaborative or individual research projects.


  • Armament dynamics
    • Analysis of the internal dynamics of weapon acquisition (demand side)
    • Analysis of proliferation dynamics (supply side)
    • Analysis of chemical and biological weapon acquisition processes
    • Social preferences in scientific and technological developments
    • Research into the history of chemical and biological weapons and their use
  • Disarmament dynamics
    • Preconditions for disarmament and arms control dynamics
    • Regime developments regarding chemical and biological weapons
    • Future of verification
      • Formal, societal and individual contributions to verification and enhancement of transparency
      • Trends in political and social expectations from verification
      • New (information) technologies and options for verification
    • Insights from CBW disarmament for nuclear weapon disarmament
    • Regional disarmament dynamics (particularly the Middle East)
    • Ethics, codes of conduct and professional codes
    • Governance models
    • Research into the history of constraints on the use, development and acquisition of chemical and biological weapons


  • Study of armament dynamics within a terrorist entity (focus on CBW)
  • Profiling of individual terrorist entities with respect to CBW threats

Foresighting analysis

  • Future of disarmament and arms control
  • Future challenges to existing disarmament and arms control treaties
  • Multisectoral trends analysis relating to international security and conflict

Teaching and training

  • Introductory and advanced course development in international security studies with emphasis on armament and disarmament dynamics
  • Teaching and lecturing
  • Development of courses and educational modules in the above-mentioned issue areas

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