Past Projects

Duration: May – September 2017
Duration: October – December 2016
Estimated Completion: December 2015–March 2017
Estimated completion: September 2016.
Internal dynamics of a terrorist entity acquiring non-conventional weaponry

Chapter contribution to the book project: Preventing Nuclear Terrorism: the role of Nuclear Security, edited by Brecht Volders and Tom Sauer (University of Antwerp, Belgium). Estimated completion: July 2015; estimated publication in Global Security Studies series (Routledge): early 2016.

1915, Innocence Slaughtered

Edited book. Project sponsored by In Flanders Fields Museum, Ypres. Estimated publication: December 2015. Chapters discuss the first year of chemical warfare in the 1st World War, which saw the introduction of chlorine (22 April) and phosgene (19 December) as weapons. The volume also discusses the factors that contributed to the introduction of chemical weapons, the international response to the new mode of warfare, and the public debate on the legality and morality of chemical warfare, which only after the November 1918 Armistice became a really divisive social issue in Europe.

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