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Education on CBRN-relevant dual-use technology transfers in Moldova

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The Science and Technology Centre in Ukraine (STCU) just published a summary of the short virtual course on CBRN-relevant dual-use technology transfers I taught in Moldova on 2 – 5 February.

The course was another step in the project to design, develop and teach a full master’s course on export controls and technology governance for the GUAM countries (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Moldova). As I described in a previous blog post, the educational initiative forms part of a larger Targeted Initiative funded by the European Commission that is implemented through the STCU and International Science and technology Centre (ISTC) in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan (focussing on Central Asian states).



Non-proliferation education and training of master students in the Technical University of Moldova

02 Feb 2021 – 05 Feb 2021

Within the scope of STCU project #9608 entitled, “Technical University of Moldova Teaching Module: Engineering and CBRN Non-Proliferation Culture”, financed by the European Union, Dr. J. P. Zanders conducted a series of virtual lectures for the period of February 2nd – 5th, 2021 focused on CBRN Export Control of Dual Use Materials and Intangible Technologies. Dr. Jean Pascal Zanders is an expert in the field of armament and disarmament, especially non-conventional weapons such as chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons.
The lectures were attended by Technical University of Moldova master students from the Schools of Micro-nanoelectronics and Biomedical Engineering, as well as fourth-year undergraduate students from the School of Biomedical Engineering. In addition to the aforementioned students from the Technical University of Moldova, master students from a wide variety of universities were also in attendance, including participants from the State University of Moldova (law and physics), and the University of Medicine and Pharmacy (general medicine).

The lectures contributed to the overall objectives of STCU project #9608, one of which was to develop new teaching modules on CBRN non-proliferation at the Technical University of Moldova, with an emphasis on export/import/transit control of strategic goods and technologies, as well as to upgrade existing teaching modules on these subjects, so as to bring current modules in line with EU standards.

The lectures focused on the following subject areas:


  • Do Weapons of Mass Destruction ‘WMD’ pose a challenge to your future professional and personal responsibilities? Why / Why not?
  • How to build a common strategy to prevent proliferation?


How to avoid negative surprises …

  • Having basic knowledge about CBRN and underlying technologies
  • Identifying and understanding threats and risks
  • Understanding transfer patterns and controls
  • Knowing relevant international prohibitory and regulatory frameworks
  • Understanding personal responsibilities
  • Knowing the country to whom the transfer of (dual-use) technology is intended
  • Knowing clients and transaction partners


  • Multi-layered & multi-sectorial governance model
  • Weapon control
  • Disease prevention
  • Crime and terrorism
  • International transfers
  • Economic actors
  • Instruments of collective & individual governance


  • Arms control treaties
  • Disarmament treaties
  • Renaissance of nuclear energy
  • Political and regional instability affecting all nuclear-armed states

The lectures helped attendees to better understand how their future work and responsibilities should fit in to the overall CBRN non-proliferation effort, not only as a professional but also as an individual. The lectures will help all attendees to better identify and address potential future security issues.

Lecture participants expressed their sincere thanks to Dr. Zanders for his passion for the subject, as well as his desire to provide both helpful and useful information to the attending students.

All lecture presentations and notes were uploaded for future availability and study to the ELSE platform of the Technical University of Moldova and can be found at the following url:


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