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Syria's declared precursor chemicals

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Nitrogen mustard
Triethylamine 30 tonnes
Monoisopropylamine 40 tonnes
Mustard agents (general)
2-chloroethanol 5 tonnes
Di-isopropyl aminoethanol 5 tonnes
Sodium-o-ethyl methyl phosphonothionate 130 tonnes
N (2-chloroethyl)-N-isopropyl propan 2 amine (salt) 40 tonnes
N (2-chloroethyl)-N-isopropyl propan 2 amine (solution 23-64%) 90 tonnes
N (2-chloroethyl)-N-ethyl propan 2 amine (solution 23-64%) 25 tonnes
Propan-2-ol (= Isopropyl alcohol or isopropanol) 120 tonnes
Hydrogen fluoride (used in the production of DF, a sarin precursor) 60 tonnes
Hexamine 80 tonnes
Nerve agents (general)
Trimethyl phosphite 60 tonnes
Dimethyl phosphite 5 tonnes
Phosphorus pentasulfide 10 tonnes
Phosphorus trichloride 30 tonnes
Phosphorus oxychloride 15 tonnes
Other chemicals
Butan-1-ol (alcohol) 5 tonnes
Methanol (alcohol) 3 tonnes
Hydrogen chloride (common chemical, but also early WW1 warfare agent) 45 tonnes


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