Recent postings and publications

25 June: Two new presentations posted

23 June: OPCW announces final CW shipment out of Syria

11 June: Four new presentations posted

6 June: On the alleged customary nature of Article VI of the NPT – A Rejoinder to Joyner and Zanders (by Marco Roscini)

28 May: NPT Article VI and BTWC Article IX

26 May: Syria: Disarmament in animated suspense

24 May: Until silence

22 May: Report: Synthetic biology & biosecurity: How scared should we be? (by Filippa Lentzos)

20 May: The Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime at a Crossroads (Book)

19 May; Must the Belgian babies be bayoneted all over again?

13 May: Roundtable invitation: Syria’s Chemical Demilitarization (Geneva, 19 May — registration required)

2 May: Green is the colour