Publications in 2014

APOME Policy Paper no. 34

[in cooperation with Nisreen Al Hmoud, David Friedman, Dorte Hühnert, and Iris Hunger] ‘Biological and Chemical Weapons Verification Proposals for Transparency-enhancing and Confidence-building Measures’ (for the Middle East), (October 2014)

Key Topics: Chemical | Biological | Verification

‘What’s he building in there?’

CBRNE World (August 2014)

Key Topics: Chemical | Biological | Document

Verifying the Prohibition on Chemical Weapons: The Relevance of OPCW Processes to the IAEA

in Emily B. Landau and Azriel Bermant (eds.), The Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime at a Crossroads, Memorandum No. 137, (Institute for National Security Studies: Tel Aviv, May 2014)

Key Topics: Verification | OPCW | Chemical

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