Apparently major chemical weapons attack near Damascus reported

As I am writing, disturbing news reports are coming in of a major интернете? chemical attack on the eastern eastern outskirts of Damascus (Ghouta district). According to images and film footage posted to the Internet by opponents to the al-Assad regime, many casualties, including fatalities can be seen. Supplementary visual testimony strongly indicates poisoning.

[Images are graphic and should be viewed with caution!]

In past blog postings and commentaries I have been sceptical of CW wholesale nfl jerseys claims, because the narrative accompanying images and film footage did not correspond with what could be seen. More importantly, a number of things one would expect to see after a CW attack were missing. Some stories as they appeared in the press just did not add up. (Recall how the initial reports on the March attack referred to chlorine, while today everybody seems to insist that it was sarin.) While there were indicators of exposure to toxicants, the evidence lacked density and there were many alternative plausible explanations for the cheap mlb jerseys symptoms. The United Kingdom, France, the United States and Russia supplied evidence (including analyses of samples taken out of Syria) to the United Nations in support of their request to investigate multiple allegations, but offered no concrete details to the public. Furthermore, as those samples had not been analysed in other than national laboratories and government representatives were referring to ‘their evidence’ to buttress arguments in support of military intervention or arming the insurgents, the spectre of the Iraq invasion ten years ago sufficed to retain a healthy dose of scepticism.

Ghouta - Damascus

The footage from the current alleged attack(s) in Entice the Ghouta district seems to offer more convincing evidence of poisoning through asphyxiation (witness the pinkish-bluish hue on the faces of some of the fatalities). Further elements that seem to confirm exposure to toxicants are the unfocussed and rolling eyes, severe breathing difficulties, in one instance a very erect penis, and possible signs of urination or defecation on trousers (although this is difficult to say, given that the hospital floor is covered with water as staff seems to hose cheap jerseys water over every victim). None of the victims appeared to have external wounds from blast, shrapnel or bullets.

I am not sure whether the claims of nerve agent use accompanying the footage and images wholesale mlb jerseys are correct. The people are not convulsing (except for one man shaking his legs while shouting out, but the remainder of his body does not suffer from involuntary contractions) and I have not seen anybody applying nerve agent antidotes. Nor do medical staff and other people appear to suffer from secondary exposure while carrying or treating victims.

It is clear that something terrible has happened. The scenes could not have been stage managed. However, it is extremely puzzling that government forces would launch a chemical attack precisely at the moment when UN inspectors are finally in the country on to investigate some of the earlier allegations. The official news agency SANA has meanwhile denied the allegation.

So, the big question mark now is whether UN Secretary-General is going to use the authority of his office cheap jerseys to demand that the UN inspection team that is already inside Syria investigate this new site of alleged attack. After all, this time around, the forensic, medical and other physical evidence would still be around and the team would be able to guarantee the integrity of the chain of custody of all evidence, something that was lacking in all previous claims.

Sure to be followed up.

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Jean Pascal Zanders (Belgium) has worked on questions of chemical and biological weapon (CBW) armament and disarmament since 1986. He was CBW Project Leader at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Director of the BioWeapons Prevention Project and Senior Research Fellow responsible for disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation questions at the European Union Institute for Security Studies. He now owns and runs The Trench.

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  3. SP

    Did anyone else notice that in all the footage nobody is seen wearing a wristwatch?And when I say no one I mean no one…not even a cheappo Seiko…not even the medics??? I realized this when I was looking for indicators on the time the footage was taken. Cant help to wonder if this is a coincidence or someone was really careful of not giving away clues of the filming time…Someone could say this could have been filmed 5 years ago with no proof of the opposite.

  4. SP

    Is it beyond anybody’s imagination that the footage could have been staged in Israel,Jordan or even Saudi Arabia…no footage of the side…no protective gear in use by medical personnel. Seriously, ever since this conflict started has anybody seen any Syrian army troops with issued gas masks and protective suits? Tactically you shell an area with CW and then you move your troops to take over a highly contaminated but enemy free area …shouldn’t those troops at least be issued protective gear?

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    1. JP Zanders Post author

      Thank you for your comment. When I wrote my posting yesterday morning I had seen only one case of convulsion in the footage I looked at. By early evening I saw other footage of higher quality with several outward symptoms that indicate possible exposure to organophosphorus compounds, to which sarin and VX belong. In press interviews I have adjusted my comments accordingly.

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