Presentations in 2014

Assessing the Risk of Proliferation: The Biological Dimension,

Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), 28th International Training Course In Security Policy 2013-2014, Geneva, 29 January 2014

Key Topics: Security | Biological | Arms Control

Dismantling Syria’s CW Capacity: Implications for Regional Weapons Reduction and Disarmament in the Middle East,

APOME workshop: Conceptualizing Regional Limitations, Reductions, and Disarmament, Valletta, Malta, 31 January-2 February 2014

Key Topics: Syria | Chemical | Disarmament

Workshop: National Implementation of the BTWC, Kathmandu, Nepal, 20-21 February 2014

Key Topics: BTWC | Education | Security

Transparency and compliance: Where is the BTWC headed?,

EU Non-Proliferation Consortium, 1st Ad Hoc Seminar: Enhancing compliance of the BTWC through national implementation and other means, Brussels, 24 April 2014

Key Topics: BTWC | Education | Seminar

Future Disarmament Challenges for Chemical & Biological Weapons,

Lecture in the cycle ‘Arms Control and Proliferation’, University of Antwerp, 28 April 2014

Key Topics: Chemical | Biological | BTWC

From Ypres to Ghouta and Back Again: A Short Story of Chemical Weapon Disarmament,

Workshop: Instruments of Arms Control, convened by Vrede vzw (Ghent, Belgium), Peace Event Sarajevo, 8 June 2014

Chemical & Biological Weapons: Achievements and Challenges,

Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), 15th New Issues in Security Course (NISC), 11 June 2014

CBRN Security Seminar, Hungarian Institute of International Affairs, Budapest, 17–18 June 2014

Key Topics: Chemical | Biological | Security

Verification: Where to start? How to start?,

Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), The Middle East Zone Free of Nuclear Weapons and Other Weapons of Mass Destruction: Prospects and Challenges, Geneva, 25 June 2014

Verification, transparency & civil society,

Research Group for Biological Arms Control, University of Hamburg, Open Source Tools for the Assessment of Compliance with the BTWC, Geneva, 3 August 2014

Key Topics:  Verification | Research | Civil Society

Key Topics: BTWC | Russia | International Law

Internal dynamics of a terrorist entity acquiring non- conventional weaponry,

Workshop: Preventing Nuclear Terrorism: the Role of Nuclear Security, Research Group International Politics, Antwerp University, 17 September 2014

Key Topics: Security | Terrorism | Seminar

Chemical & Biological Weapons: 100 Years of Efforts in International Law,

International Law, War and Peace: Current Problems, Colloquium organised by Pugwash France and Association pour le droit international humanitaire, France (ADIF), Paris, 2-3 October 2014

Implementation of a PHD research design,

International Relations / Political Science Doctoral Seminar, IHEID, Geneva, 16 October 2014

Chemical Weapons and the Middle East, organised by the Israeli Disarmament Movement and the CWC Coalition, 10-12 November 2014

Key Topics: Terrorism | Chemical | Education

Responding to chemical weapon use in Syria,

Nuclear Safety, Security and WMD Non-proliferation, Workshop organised by Atomic Reporters, Vienna, 4 December 2014

Key Topics: Syria | Chemical | Security

The Road to Geneva,

2014 Jonathan Tucker Conference on Chemical and Biological Arms Control, Washington, DC, 12 December 2014

Key Topics: Chemical | Biological | Security

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