Presentations in 2011

The CWC Beyond the 2012 Destruction Deadline,

Chemical Weapons Disarmament and the Future of the OPCW, Wilton Park Conference, 18–20 March 2011

Key Topics: CWC | CW Destruction | OPCW

Terrorism and the Proliferation of Non-conventional Weapons: The Biological Dimension,

25th International Training Course in Security Policy (ITC), Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), Geneva, 6 April 2011

Key Topics: Biological | Terrorism | Education

The CWC in Transition: A Role for Civil Society?,

The OPCW in Transition, 32nd Workshop of the Pugwash Study Group on the Implementation of the CBW Conventions, Noordwijk, 30 April–1 May 2011

Key Topics: CWC | Disarmament | WMD

Looking Ahead: The 2011 BTWC Review Confeernce and Beyond,

The Biological Weapons Convention, Biosecurity and the Industry, Seminar organised by the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs of Belgium, Brussels, 8 June 2010

Key Topics: BTWC | Biological | Security

Evolution of the BW Threat and Weapon Control Opportunities,

The 2011 BTWC Review Conference: Opportunities For a New Start in BW Control, Seminar organised by Working Group on CBW Disarmament and Non-Proliferation, Berlin, 24 October 2011

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